Sunday 20th Nov

I was asked by a friend to put on a small gig at St Mary’s Church in Finchley to help raise money for the roof repairs! I’ve never played in a church before so I didn’t know what to expect regarding the acoustics! I was more than pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded as you can hear in the above clip.

I was joined by the inspiring Roger Beaujolais on Vibraphone and the wonderful Paul Carmichael on Double Bass for the concert. As this was not your ‘normal’ jazz audience I decided we would talk about our instruments in between songs and show their roles in a jazz group. This might sound odd but I felt it was really interesting to hear my fellow musicians talking about their instruments and what they feel their role is within the band.

We ended up raising £1255.46 which I hope will help towards the roof repairs. I’m currently writing a new album at the moment which I hope to have completed by the summer of 2017. I’m thinking of releasing it towards the end of the year and I hope to put a tour together to help promote it!

Photo’s by the Amanda Drummond

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