Robb Hughes “Live” (latest album)

Rob Hughes Live cover

This is my latest album which was recorded at Pizza Express in London.  You can buy a hard copy  from here or buy it on itunes where you can hear some preview tracks. The album feutures:

  • Rob Hughes – Saxophones, Flute
  • Roger Beujolais – Vibraphone
  • Francesco Mendolia – Drums
  • Rick Laughlin – Piano
  • Henrik Jensen – Double Bass
  • Randolph Matthews – Vocals

First Steps – Saxophone

This book works for Bb Sax and Eb sax and comes with piano parts and a cd which contain excellent backing tracks. If you would like a copy of this book signed by the authors click here.

The London Experiment

The concept behind The London Experiment, was for Chris Webb and Rob Hughes to find the right musician for each track. By having such a variation of fantastic musicians on the album, The London Experiment sounds fresh and exciting, offering different interpretations within the idiom of jazz on every track. If you would like to buy a copy of The London Experiment album click on the buy now button.

Below is a list of some of the amazing musicians who agreed to play on the album:

  • Oscar Stieler (Keys)
  • Rick Laughlin (Keys)
  • Jonathan Idiagbonya (Keys)
  • Steven Harris (Keys)
  • Brian Henry (Keys)
  • Paul Harvey (Guitar)
  • Luca Bosca (Guitar)
  • Ruben Aristorenas (Guitar)
  • Giorgio Serci (Guitar)
  • Adam Sosner (Guitar)
  • Bryan Corbett (Trumpet)
  • Ernesto Simpson (Drums)
  • Jerry Brown (Drums)
  • Andrew McLean (Drums)
  • Junior Kirton (Drums)
  • Gareth Brown (Drums)
  • James Titshall (Drums)
  • Marijus Aleksa (Drums)
  • Jamie Little (Drums)
  • Javier Ginarte (Percussion)


If you would like to buy a copy of my 1st album click on the buy now button or the itune’s button.

I completed the album in 2006. All the tunes were written by myself. Musicians on the album are listed below.

  • David Oliver – Keyboard
  • Bernie Smith – Keyboard
  • Jonny Dyke – Keyboard
  • Sam Edwards -Keyboard
  • Brian Henry – Keyboard
  • Ffion Wilkins – Keyboard
  • Emma Blanco – Violin
  • Henry Broadbent – Vibes and Drums
  • Orefo Orakwue – Bass
  • Curtis Ruiz – Bass
  • Jonty Fisher – Double Bass
  • Steve Rossel – Double Bass
  • Paul Harvey – Guitar>
  • Alex Toff – Drums
  • Jamie Little – Percussion
  • Gwyn Jay Allen – Vocals
  • Daniel Walker – Vocals