Getting Old!

I had fun performing live flute for Heather Small in Big Brother last week. I think possibly I over played but it’s too late now! The reason my post is named ‘Getting Old’ is I remember being very interested in BB in the early 2000’s when it first came out as a programme. It was kind of a social experiment. Now in 2017 I have to admit I have no interest in it. Added to this the fact that the people on the programme are meant to be celebs and yet I didn’t recognise anyone! It can only be a sign that I am getting old!


I’ve just returned from a short trip to play in LA at the Microsft Theatre with ABC. It was a confusing trip because one minute I’m in cold Britain, the next thing I know I’m in warm sunshine and 3 days later I’m back in the cold again. It’s interesting how much it makes you realise how much our bodies need vitamin D i.e the sun. Also to be honest at the moment America feels strange. Nearly everyone I met on the west coast did not vote for Trump and are therefore very unhappy with the electoral outcome. There were protests at the airport as we flew out rightly so.

Sunday 20th Nov

I was asked by a friend to put on a small gig at St Mary’s Church in Finchley to help raise money for the roof repairs! I’ve never played in a church before so I didn’t know what to expect regarding the acoustics! I was more than pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded as you can hear in the above clip.

I was joined by the inspiring Roger Beaujolais on Vibraphone and the wonderful Paul Carmichael on Double Bass for the concert. As this was not your ‘normal’ jazz audience I decided we would talk about our instruments in between songs and show their roles in a jazz group. This might sound odd but I felt it was really interesting to hear my fellow musicians talking about their instruments and what they feel their role is within the band.

We ended up raising £1255.46 which I hope will help towards the roof repairs. I’m currently writing a new album at the moment which I hope to have completed by the summer of 2017. I’m thinking of releasing it towards the end of the year and I hope to put a tour together to help promote it!

Photo’s by the Amanda Drummond