TLE in Manchester on Sat 26th Feb


For more info on the venue check their website

My next gig on Wed 5th Jan 2011


My gig at Mill Hill Jazz Club went really well. Unfortunately Tim Lapthorn was unable to make the gig due to the flu so at the last minute Steve Rose stepped in and did a great job. Watch the below video to hear for yourself.


I enjoyed a short but interesting trip to Bangkok in Thailand at the end of December. I was playing with the Italian artist Patrizio. We played two concerts whilist there and both went very well. The weather was mild (that means not too hot for a Brit)  and we were very well looked after. However... on returning to the UK I discovered my bag had not and has still not returned!

My flute is in my bag!!!! Ok so your saying why not carry it on, I'm saying that to right now! Ouch!

I have been without it for 3 weeks now plus my line 6 pedal and all my clothes. Sooooooo, please please please please please Mr BA find my bag, you found the drummers so... you get the idea.


Pop goes the..........


I'm having fun at the moment playing on a tour in the UK with Heather Small, Lulu and Anastacia. The show feautures a great live band so I'm enjoying it!

One of the best points about working on things like this can be the people you meet (Or sometimes the worst thing!) I have really enjoyed listening to Yolanda Charles' husband's album (Yolanda plays bass on the gig) Usonic Evolution. The musical brains behind it are Miles Bould (Yolanda's husband) and Scott Firth. If you get a chance have a listen on Miles' myspace page.


The 2nd CD

tle cd

The new album sounds great! I know I'm biased but I'm pleased with it. The concerts have been going really well. Chris and I launched the album at Pizza Express to over 150 people. Have a listen below.

This video was taken at the album launch.

Listen to the amazing Rick Laughlin on keyboards and the fab Darren Abraham playing a great drum solo below.

If you like what your hear please go to the contact page and leave your email address so that you can receive information on our next concert which is on the 2nd October.

Howard Jones Gig

I had a great night at the Indigo2 performing with Howard Jones in November. The above clip is the only one I could find on the net hence it's not great quality but it gives you an idea of the concert

Album 2 Launch on Monday 21st June


"Compelling bassist Chris Webb and soulfully lyrical saxophonist Rob Hughes launch their album "The London Experiment ; Vol. I" . The music fuses fresh jazz melody lines with tenacious deep grooves. This amazing sextet will inspire all music-lovers. To have a sneak preview go to"

Yaaaaay! I'm excited!  As you can see I'm about to launch the second album. It's a co write with a good friend Chris Webb. The launch is on Monday 21st June at Pizza Express in Dean street London. The line up for the night is

Rob Hughes - Saxophone/Flute
Graeme Flowers - Trumpet
Rick Laughlin - Keys
Ruben Aristorenas - Guitar
Chris Webb - Bass
Ernesto Simpson - Drums

If you would like to attend the album launch you can buy tickets in advance from this number 0845 6027 017 or you can book online by clicking here

Video of a new tune live plus a new album!

The concert at the Crypt went really well,  watch the below video of one of the new tunes Ocorrum

I've been writing a new album with bassist Chris Webb since 2008. We collaborated with some of London's finest musicians to produce an album which is called 'The London Experiment; Vol I'.  I think the album sounds fresh and exciting, offering different interpretations within the idiom of jazz. So I'm not going to release this album under my name. The group is going to be called the same name as the album 'The London Experiment'. I am hoping to complete and launch in June 2010 at Ronnie Scotts in London.

Heather Small Tour

heather small tour

I have just completed a UK tour with Heather Small which was great fun. The guys in the picture from right to left are, Freddie Thompsom (Bass), Yvonne Shelton (Vox) and Tommy Blaize (Vox). The band were great fun and really nice people which makes a trip away so much more enjoyable. However I did have to leave the tour bus at one point to forfill another commitment . To do this I used the train service, wow a 'world of pain'!!!

Next Concert

chris and i-My next performance is at the Crypt on Wed 13th Jan 2010 at 8pm. For over a year I have been writing an album with the very talented Chris Webb. The album is due for release early this year however we are going to perform a sneak preiview of some of the material on the 13th Jan. The confirmed musicians for the this concert are;

The performance starts at 8pm and finishes at 10pm.If you would like a sample of the cool new tunes you are going to hear on the night click here. 

If you want to reserve a ticket for the concert click here.

crypt poster

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