7th May


Sax Quartet arrangement of one of my full band tunes.

         Above is an arragement for sax quartet of the tune  'Not Being Funny'. You can also hear it in it's full band line up in the video below.   It was great fun arranging it although I am so slow I think it took over 6 hours! I am also pleased to say that the manuscript music is for sale in pdf form.



23rd Dec


           Back in October I had the pleasure of filling in for Snake Davis on the m-people greatest hits tour. The sound is a little odd on the recording as all the musicians on stage were using in ear monitors therefore you are hearing lots of the out front sound bouncing back. I placed a camera on the stage as I thought it might be an interesting angle. I'm still not sure whether it is or not....


 31st Oct 2013


   I met up with some fellow Sax players last week to play through some quartet music. We had great fun trying some of the harder numbers. It takes a while to get used to playing in a quartet as the instrument is very demanding when played in this context. Your lip feels like it's going to drop off because you rarely get to take the sax out of your mouth. You also have to get used to counting in your head. It's no good taping your foot as loudly as possible hoping that everyone obeys your time. Can you imagine an orchestra doing this? Anyway on the above video is an arrangement I actually completed 6 years ago of a Bill Evans tune called 'Time Remembered'. The sax players are;

Soprano - Rob Hughes
Alto - Kit Mlynar
Tenor - Sean Freeman
Baritone - Jamie Michael Harris

    I also had to include this video of David Sanborn it sums up how I feel about music.


Remembering Time


10th October Poster

Below is a clip from my gig last week at The Old Barge in Hertford. I normally try and capture something from each gig using my flip camera which only 3 years ago was the latest easy to use camera. Looking at the quality now I think it's time to upgrade. A friend showed me this camera the other day which has the most amazing quality the Hero3. Technology just seems to move forward so quickly now I feel old! Anyway I've played the Barge before and it's a classic jazz night in a pub event. Run brilliantly by John Williams for over 14 years the pub is a pleasure to play with a landlord that backs the jazz. I've been recently reading a blog by a fellow musician who was talking about making Jazz more accessible. I always feel a bit uncomfortable about this type of statement. In my opinion music has to be honest, played honestly. I think people know if it's not. If it's manipulated to be accessible then it instantly becomes 'functioning music'. This means music that is put together to please (to serve a function) but does not mean it is interesting to play or listen to. That's fine within some genres pop etc but if you are trying to explore music I think you have to be honest. Below's clips show us (hopefully) trying to explore each tune not worrying about wether it's 'pleasing'. This all being performd in a pub! However this is my point, music needs to push people as well as comfort them. We live in a time where music seems to be very devalued. No one wants to pay for it or be challenged by it. Of course not everyone because you are reading this so not you! 


Gordon Ramsey where are you?

Below is a video taken from a concert I performed at with Randolph Matthews and Fergus Gerrand on Monday 19th August. It was the first time we had all performed together and unfortunately due to everyone being busy we only managed to get a short rehearsal that afternoon. The concert was at an interesting little theatre called the Colour House Theatre in a place called Abbey Mills in south London. Abbey Mills strikes me as an oasis of business and restaurants surrounded by the corporate world. (PIzza Hut, Cine World etc) However being a Monday night the oasis worked a bit too well, we ended up playing to a handful of people which was disappointing. After the rehearsal we ate in an Italian restaurant  on the site of Abbey Mills which I had seen years ago featured rather unfortunately on a Gordon Ramsey show. You know the one where he turns up at a restaurant  and makes everything better (oh the power of TV and massive programme budgets)?  Well it wasn't better it had reverted back to it's original state. It's no ones fault in my opinion people do as best as they think they can however it made me think that these tv shows just come along plough loads of money, expert knowledge and that confetti esc styling to a place and then move on. It makes good tv but does it help the people it's meant to help in the long term? The restaurant was massive and empty and didn't have much available from the menu. You don't need a TV show to understand that all of these points need looking at. I guess you could say the same about the low attendance of our concert then? I'd better call Gordon!


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