Concerts 2022

  • 17th June – Oxford New Theatre – ABC
  • 18th June – Bath Forum – ABC
  • 20th June – Birmingham Symphony Hall – ABC
  • 21st June – Sheffield City Hall – ABC
  • 23rd June – Royal Albert Hall – ABC
  • 24th June – Newcastle City Hall – ABC
  • 25th June – Glasgow Concert Hall – ABC
  • 27th June – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall – ABC
  • 28th June – Manchester Bridgewater Hall – ABC
  • 30th June – Southend Cliffs Pavilion – ABC
  • 6th July – Sony Hall, New York – ABC
  • 9th July – The Des Plaines Hall, Illinois – ABC
  • 13th July – The Kent Stage, Ohio – ABC
  • 16th July – The Coach House Concert Hall, California -ABC
  • 17th July – Canyon Club, California -ABC

Ragatip – Mixing it up.

This was such an interesting recording session. Sufi music is also known as the sacred music of the soul. It is known to be the bridge in the Muslim world that connects you to the creator. Having its roots in Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, The Balkans, and Caucuses, the music itself has diversified into various forms and languages. Arabic in the middle east to Hindi, Urdu, and Farsi in the Indian subcontinent, the amalgamation of spiritual poetry with music.