Remote Piano Lessons available.

I teach 30 minute piano lessons for £27.

I can do this on WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Teams etc. Please do get in touch.

I live in North London so if you are nearby I can also head over to you on my bike for a lesson. (Prices differ depending on distance).

Robb Hughes “Live” (latest album)

Rob Hughes Live cover

This is my latest album which was recorded at Pizza Express in London.  You can buy a hard copy  from here or buy it on itunes where you can hear some preview tracks. The album feutures:

  • Rob Hughes – Saxophones, Flute
  • Roger Beujolais – Vibraphone
  • Francesco Mendolia – Drums
  • Rick Laughlin – Piano
  • Henrik Jensen – Double Bass
  • Randolph Matthews – Vocals

First Steps – Saxophone

This book works for Bb Sax and Eb sax and comes with piano parts and a cd which contain excellent backing tracks. If you would like a copy of this book signed by the authors click here.

2019 Concerts

  • 7th April – ABC –        Southend Cliffs Pavillion
  • 8th    April – ABC –     Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre
  • 9th    April – ABC –     Birmingham Symphony Hall
  • 11th   April – ABC –    Gateshead Sage
  • 12th   April – ABC –    Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
  • 13th   April – ABC –    Sheffield City Hall
  • 15th   April – ABC –    Brighton Dome
  • 16th   April – ABC –    Royal Albert Hall

2018 Concerts