davido&mewebHad to include this highly cheesy picture of David Oliver and myself. This was taken in October 2006 after he played some bad ass Latin piano over one of my latest tunes: 'Spike'. He did it in 2 takes!

CD Face

My AlbumJust wanted to say a big thank you to my Uncle Richard Howarth, who drew this fantastic picture for my CD face. It's based on the picture on my album cover of me sat staring down. Very Andy Warhol.

How You Dae?

brianhenrywebsiteJust returned home from recording Brian Henry's fab keyboards and voice box. I first heard Brian use the voice box a couple of years ago while we were playing on a pop gig. I love the sound of it! Check the tune out 'How You Dae?'.


the balanceI've just completed recording the guitar for the track 'Fives'. Paul Harvey put down the various tracks for this tune. He is an inspiration when it comes to being original, rarely playing the same thing twice as well as having an amazing feel and groove.


The above video is of the latest single by Javine. I've been working for Javine promoting the single on various TV shows. It's been interesting and great fun!

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